Rules for Commissioning

1) The minimum commission is $2,500,000 half at the signing of the agreement, and half upon delivery of the finished script.

2) The commissioner shall refrain from criticizing the work of the commissionee.

3) The purpose of this design is to enable the commissionee to effectively produce the commissioned work himself in the event no other option is available, and on an appropriate level of elegance and polish and cunning.

4) All queries regarding such commissioning are to be directed to the writer’s agent at I.C. M., Diane Glazer dglazer@icmpartners.com

Plays (not otherwise available in the author's published collections)

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Which Witch Hwich

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Description Beggared; or the Allegor y of WHITENESS

The Offending Gesture

Apropos of The Offending Gesture

9 Days Falling

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